Greetings and welcome to the Isaac

Sci-Fi fandom means something different to each and every one of us, from Star Trek to Star Wars, from the classics right through to their modern re-inventions, we all have something in common….our love of Sci-Fi, our respect for each others tastes whatever they may be

The ISS Isaac is a South Island Science Fiction community, based in Christchurch and formed with the sole purprose of bringing together Science Fiction fans regardless of their favourite genre.

Owing her beginnings to Star Trek, with many of her members belonging to STARFLEET International, the Isaac has developed as her members have developed. We now incorporate a 'V' Mothership, the first in New Zealand as well as being a home to Whovians and many other sci-fi fans.

Our members often meet up online and in chat sites, we enjoy attending sc-fi events, cinema trips, as well as prob building and writing fan-fiction– all in the name of fun. We also have a strong ethos of charitable giving and fundraising.

       ~ Colonel Angie Smith (CO)


Issue #22 of FIRST CONTACT


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